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  5. "Zij hebben niet zoveel eten."

"Zij hebben niet zoveel eten."

Translation:They do not have that much food.

July 20, 2014



How would we say "They haven't eaten so much?"

Ze hebben zoveel niet gegeten?


I also answered with that haha.. indeed it'd be gegeten then.

I think the sentence will become: Zij hebben niet zoveel gegeten.


Could this sentence be also translated to: They do not have very much to eat. ?


I guess it means more or less the same, but it is better to stick to a more literal translation.

It is important to note than eten is not a verb here. Instead it is a noun, meaning "food". Your suggestion would be translated as: "Zij hebben niet veel te eten." Here eten is the infinitive form of the verb "to eat".



How do we say "that much" in Dutch? E.g: I don't have that much to eat.


zoveel (just pronounce is as zòveel, implying a negative)


what about: "They do not have that much food"


Because your sentence lacks a feature.

You can say "They don't have so much food that they have to throw some away" but replacing 'so' with 'that' won't work here.


Have you never heard the expression "I love you that much!" with arms outstretched as far as possible. It means "so much that I can't even show you, but I'll try." I consider it to be even more than "so much", but really it is the same idea. The negative to me would appear as less but really you could use both in the same situation. There is a different flavor to it though. Someone told me that they do have plenty of food.. No, they do not have so much food. "So much" is a comparison to what may have been said before or it could be qualified with a clause afterwards. "That much" is also a comparison, but to a physical amount that could be shown.

"That" can be used as a conjunction, a demonstrative pronoun and an adjective. Scroll past the definitions until you get to the adjective and look at meaning 1c in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. You will find that the adjective "that" can mean "So great a" .or "such".

http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/that http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/that?o=100074s=t

Countvlad could try reporting it. It may be though that Dutch may have a different expression to match "that much" as well.


with "zoveel", we have to conjugate it with "de" words?...e.g. Ik heb zovele honden?..Or something like that?


It is considered a determiner here like 'sommige', so its form is invariable.


Thanks mate!

I almost crash up my head against my keyboard!


can i say "they have not so much food" ?


Translated exactly, yes.


Why not: They don't have so much to eat.


See the previous comment, mate. It's already explained.


Is the sense here that "They don't have a lot of food" or "They have less food", or would either work? The translation given is ambiguous in English.


Ah! "So much" is the definition which depends on what the comparison is to. "So much" is really closer to the second and "that much" to the first without further information. Less than what? Less than they thought, but we don't know if they thought they had a lot or a little and it is less than that. This is ambiguous in Dutch as well.


How do we know this is the noun eten and not the infinitive verb? Could it be "They don't have that much too eat"


Why is "they have not much to eat" incorrect here, please? Many thanks.


Because it says "zoveel" which is different from 'veel'. Veel = Much Zoveel = So much. Translate zo as so. It is a bit confusing because in English it are two separate words.


Sorry I'm not exactly sure how to know when eten means food or when it means eat. I see in this thread that in this situation if it were food it should have been "te eten" or "gegeten". But i don't know which and i was wondering if there were any rules about this?


What is the difference between "niet zoveel" and "weinig"?


Niet zoveel means not that much and weinig means few


Bedankt, Niels! I was wondering if they have the same use but reflecting on it, it has become clearer now. Thanks again :)


Also he accepted they do not have much food


Why would you say "zoveel eten", and not "genoeg eten"?


Could this also mean "They haven't got as much food" (as me -- for instance)? Or is that perhaps written as "zo veel" (in two words)?


How do I know that the sentence isn't, "They have not eaten that much." ?? That was my first try at the translation.


Eaten = gegeten, your translation would be correct for “ze hebben niet zoveel gegeten”

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