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  5. "I do not drive that car."

"I do not drive that car."

Translation:Je ne conduis pas cette voiture.

April 15, 2020



why not "je ne conduis pas cela voiture"?


Demonstrative adjectives are:

  • masculine singular before a consonant sound: ce chien = this/that dog
  • masculine singular before a vowel sound: cet homme = this/that man
  • feminine singular: cette voiture = this/that car
  • plural: ces chiens/ces hommes/ces voitures = these/those dogs/men/cars


Sitesurf - Thank you so much for your steady input. I have looked through all my notes and I don't see anywhere that I have noted that "ce, cet, cette and ces" also mean "that and in the case of 'ces' those."


cela is a demonstrative pronoun, not a demonstrative determiner.


Why not ça voiture to mean that car?


"Ça" is short from "cela" and it is a demonstrative pronoun. As a pronoun, it replaces a noun. It means "that thing".

Before a noun, you need a demonstrative adjective. Since "voiture" is feminine, you need "cette".


So how would I differentiate between saying "I do not drive this car" and "I do not drive that car" if ce/cette are used to mean both?

By the way, yet more thanks to Sitesurf; I sometimes think I learn more from her than from the course!


The context would distinguish "this" (close to me?) from "that" (further away from me?) but overall, the French don't find this distinction very important.


You can add the « -ci » and « -là » particles to the noun to specify, e.g. « cette voiture-là », but as I understand it, these are not used that much.


Je ne conduis pas cette voiture là > accepted

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