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Kids not showing in my class

Yesterday my students could start adding themselves to my classroom. Today I emailed all of my students to show them who I have in my class to encourage everyone who hasn't joined yet to join today. Many students, at least 20, emailed me back that they joined yesterday but are not showing on my class list. Why is that and how do I get them to show?

April 15, 2020



There is a little bit of a lag right now with assignments. I don't know if this is affecting registration.

However, I do know that there is a problem with the old way of sending students to the URL that you are given on the .pdf instructions in the "invite students" tab. I don't know if you used that.

Mass e-mail your students and have them click on the blue silhouette in the upper right. (They might have added an avatar.)

Have them scroll down to "settings."

Have them click on "progress sharing."

If they don't see your classroom listed, then have them input the classroom code again.

This should fix the problem almost instantly (in other words, you will get an e-mail saying they are registered within five minutes).

Post here to let us know if you were successful!


Thank you very much for the help!


Did it help, I hope?

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