"The apple"

Translation:De appel

July 20, 2014



When do you use 'de' and when do you use 'het'?

July 20, 2014


It depends on the gender of the noun, which in most cases you have to memorize. See here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3732938

July 20, 2014


That makes sense because Google says "de is for masculine and feminine nouns, meanwhile het is for the neuter" yet it's de appel oh boy!

August 13, 2018


Well, there's some truth to that, because Dutch did use to have three genders, masculine, feminine and neuter, but then the masculine and the feminine merged, giving us common (de) and neuter (het).
You can see Scandinavian languages like Swedish already went through this too (en/ett), while German still has three (der/die/das) and English obviously has lost all gender (the).

March 9, 2019


i got confuse because its did not have a d or a e for it can some help

June 4, 2016


You just need to type i the answer after clicking on one dot...

March 7, 2017


why appeltje not appel?

April 30, 2018


Appeltje is a "small apple". When you have "appeltje" you have to use "het" and when you have "appel" you have to use "de". Just remember that when you make a word smaller (word+tje) it is always "het".

May 18, 2018


Can someone tell me why is it 'de' appel and not 'het' appel?

April 14, 2019


So... basically I'm learning weird afrikaans?

June 19, 2019


Why is it de jongen but het meisje

September 8, 2019
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