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Student work

Hello, I have a parent who claims their child is completing all assignments but says they do not appear as completed on my end. Has this happened to anyone before? Any suggestions on how to move forward? Thanks!

April 15, 2020



There is a lag at the moment (probably due to the increased traffic), so I would give it a day to show up.

When in doubt, I have the student in question send me a screen shot of their "congratulations" screen or the color of their skills.

I will report this on the Educator's Network for you.


Great Idea, and thanks!


Good morning, I had the same problem recently. It actually takes time before getting updated. I recommend you to be patient. Have a nice day!


He is the only one that this is happening to so I don't know if it's simply an updating issue since we've been on for 3 weeks now. I suppose I have no choice but to wait it out. Thanks


He's showing up in your class, right? Just not updating on assignments? Is he using a phone or a computer? If a phone, what brand?


I have noticed that stories do not count to the Assignment targets. If you are doing XP targets this could be why. I would refresh regularly as mine updates every time a student completes a topic.


I was told by the parent that he is completing the assigned work but it's not showing up on my end. I may get them to take a screen shot and send it to me as per MadameSensei's suggestion. Thanks


I reported it on the Educator's Network, so you have more eyes on it.

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