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Assigned lesson won't progress for a particular student

Hi Duolingo,

I am a teacher who is using Duolingo for Schools. The kids love it.

I do have one student who has informed me that he is trying to complete an assignment (the "Health" lesson that I assigned), but that it won't progress through the lessons. When I go to check his student activity log, it shows that he has completed Health 1/5 and Health 2/5. However, when looking at the Health assignment page, it says "Not Started Yet" for his lesson status. Any idea as to what may be causing this issue? Thanks!

April 15, 2020



I have seen this occasionally. When there are any doubts, I have the students send me a screen shot of their "congratulations" screen, or a screenshot of the color of their skills.

There is also a lag right now, probably due to the high amount of traffic.

I will report this for you on the Educator's Network (https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32159789) to get more eyes on it. Hang in there!


Good Morning,

I am also a teacher who uses Duolingo For Schools.

If this is happening with a particular student I recommend that you login to that students account, set a temporary password and try the health assessment yourself and see if that works. Normally it is a connection issue not an account related issue or glitch.

Remember to inform the student if you do create a temporary password. This has also been reported to the Educators Network.

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