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Student not getting assignments

I have set up my classes and assigned lessons. All my students have the entire list of 8 lessons assigned to them.....except for 1.

The mother is getting a bit upset with me and anyone help me with this issue.

We dropped her from the class and rejoined her. I ensured that each assignment was assigned to all my students. I am a bit desperate. Please help me if you can.

April 15, 2020



This happened to me one time, and it turned out to be because the student had been randomly put in an A/B test. I will report this on the Educator Network for you. I imagine it will be an easy fix. Hold tight.

Is the student still in your classroom? Keep her there.

And in the meantime, just keep communicating with her what the assignment is, and reassure the parents that her grade will be fine!


This could also be due to the students settings. Some settings have certain features blocked. But hang tight we will investigate this further.

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