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  5. "Is it my elephant?"

"Is it my elephant?"

Translation:Is het mijn olifant?

July 20, 2014



That was a very long reply


Am I able to switch "is it" to "it is", as I can in English and German here? (As in, "Het is mijn olifant?".)

Doing this slightly changes the tone of the question, at least in other Germanic languages, but it was marked wrong when I did it for this sentence.


Yes, you can do this in Dutch as well. The tone of the question is indeed changed, precisely like in English or German.


Thanks for the quick reply, kind Vancouverite!

I marked it as "wrong" and perhaps the team will approve my new translation sometime soon, so that others won't have to go through the pain of having their "hearts broken", as I just did, lol.


But why should it be considered correct to change a nuance when there is absolutely no provocation to do so?


Why is "Is de olifant van mij?" wrong?

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