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Returning to a lesson tile from comments

I like to check for comments when I complete a tile, but cannot figure out how to return to the lesson without quitting. On my cell phone, returning to the lesson is simple. On the computer, how does one return from comments posting without having to start the lesson over?

April 15, 2020



open a second tab in your browser and load Duo twice, one tab for learning, one tab for discussion forum.

Or if you are talking about the sentence discussions, then you just click the x of the sentence discussion and you should be back in your lesson.


Many thanks. I have a 135 day streak going, but I am new to the computer version of Duo. So far it has been all on this Galaxy. My wife, a retired statistician, discovered computer games and I finally bought myself a computer.


That's great! The computer version of Duo is so much better in my opinion. Talking about statistics.... do you know your duome page?



Note: The duome page can always only show one language. To see the language you want to see, first login to Duo, then set the learning language you want to check (if you want to see French, make sure Duo shows the French flag ), then go to the duome page.


Another trick is to open the discussion in a background tab. Depending on your computer and browser, middle-click might do this. I suspect this route may be preferable on timed quizzes because it allows you to come back to the discussion after the quiz, without running down the clock..

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