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Students are not able to see the assignments that I have posted.

I have set up four classes and it seems that in each class there are students who can't see the assignments that I posted. I can see the assignments under their names. What can I do to help these students?

April 15, 2020



Even if the students can't see the assignments (they should get an e-mail also), they still have you! You should be communicating with them what the assignment is. :) So in the grand scheme of things, just keep connecting with your students and this too shall pass.


Thank you! One of my students figured out how she could find hers on her Chromebook. This is what she posted. "(On Chromebook): I clicked on my icon in the top right corner, went to settings, and put my school email in the email spot, checked for the verification email, and then after I did that, I got an email that told me about the assignments, and it gave me a link to all 5.

If joining the classroom is the issue, I personally scrolled down to the bottom of the duolingo page, and clicked on the SCHOOLS tab, clicked student, and then I copy and pasted the class code on the next page. It personally took a little while for the box for the code to show up, so don't be alarmed if it doesn't show up right away."

This might help others having the same issue.



Please post other questions as you have them. We are all in this together.

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