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I have three classes and some of my students can not log in even though I sent them a link via Google Classroom. What happened what should I do?

April 16, 2020



When you say they can't log in, do you mean they can't sign in with their accounts, or do you mean they can't join their classroom?

If using the classroom link doesn't work for them, try having them input the classroom code at If they successfully joined, your classroom will appear in their settings under 'Progress Sharing': If they successfully joined but don't show up in your teachers portal, this may be due to a delay Duolingo for Schools is experiencing (probably as a result of increased traffic).

Thank you so much, I will wait to see what happens... My students can not join the class. One sent me a picture of her work but she is not in the classroom! There is no choice, we will wait...

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