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Help with French Plurals

I recently started learning French and I have found it nearly impossible to hear the difference between plural and singular nouns. For example, les filles and le fille sound the same to me and as I have continuted through the course, it is making it difficult to choose the correct conjucations and articles. For anyone who speaks French or is learning, how do you distinguish between the two? And what helped you learn to spot the differences in pronuncation? Thank you in advance!

April 16, 2020



Often there is no difference. You can pick it up by context - or the change in articles or adjectives. For instance "le' and "les" do not sound the same.


Les filles and la fille will sound different as well as le garçon and les garçons (leles)

Sound samples from FORVO:
le garçon
les maisons


Fille and filles sound the same, la and les do not, also the verbs and adjectives will change. In the sentences "La fille est petite." and "Les filles sont petites." the number of girls is quite obvious even though the nouns themselves sound the same.

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