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Hi, I am an elementary teacher in Miami Florida. I am new using Duolingo for distance learning. I created the account for the kindergarten students. I sent them the username and passwords so they can have access to the introductory lessons. I am having a problem with one student that according to the mother she finished the three introductory lessons I assigned them. The mother told me first that she created her own account and did not used mine. I told her that I can't see that she finished the assignment. It says " Not started yet". I told her that she might have done the lessons in her account. I told her to use the account I created but even she insisted she did it with the username and password I sent her i still do not see she is done. I decided to enter as a student and it says start lesson. O/3.

Thank you,

Ms. Bravo

April 16, 2020

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Well, if she is not using the account that is connected with your class, you have two choices:

  1. Have her send you screen shots for the duration.

  2. Have her click on the blue silhouette in the upper right corner.

Have her scroll down to "settings."

Click on "progress sharing"

Enter your classroom code (click on "invite students" in your classroom to get your code.

Her old account will now be linked to your classroom. You may have to click on your current assignment, find her name and click on "assign to new student."

I hope this helps!

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