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mit + accusative?

"Das Hähnchen spielt mit den Jungs" is the correct translation given for "The chicken plays with the boys"

I'm confused with why it's "den Jungs" for two reasons:

1) Duolingo says this it's because it's accusative ("In accusative case, use 'den' for masculine nouns like 'Jungs'"), but I had thought that "mit" is always used with the dative case. It even makes note of this in the "Tips and notes" for the dative case: "The dative is also used for certain dative verbs such as 'danken' (to thank) and 'antworten' (to answer) and with dative prepositions such as 'von' (by/of) and 'mit' (with)."

2) "Jungs" is plural, so shouldn't it be "die Jungs" at the very least?

I've noticed a few other uses of "den" with mit during the exercises, so I'm not sure if there are some exceptions to the mit + dative rule that I'm unaware of, or if they are mistakes I should be reporting.

August 8, 2012



Ah, never mind, I was getting the feminine and plural dative mixed up (die -> der vs. die -> den) and got further confused because Duolingo gave a bad explanation for why I was getting the answer wrong.


Exactly, "mit" is always dative: der=dem; das=dem; die=der; die plural:den

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