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a month of learning french its a very interesting language

a month of learning french its a very interesting language there are some hard parts in grammar but over all its a really nice language

April 16, 2020



good job! I'm about a month in, its fun but challenging :)


yes it is . i don't find masculine and feminine part that hard because in my native language we also have masculine and feminine and it is more complicated than french. BTW my native language is Arabic


i'm 22 days in, trying to get a head start on tenses and conjugations, there is so much to the french grammar!


french grammar so complicated in the beginning but later it will get easier


sorry, no - it will be harder - but nevertheless french is beautiful


For me its getting easier it depends on your native language and l2 language


Yes, it is a very interesting language and very fun to learn yet a bit challenging. My native language is Arabic but it is so much harder so I'm kind of used to it.


My native language is Arabic and ya I know how hard it’s is. But as an Arabic community we sometimes use french in our daily life. That’s what made me start learning french.

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