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  5. "De vogel drinkt water."

"De vogel drinkt water."

Translation:The bird drinks water.

July 20, 2014



How come it is "De vogel"? In the previous question I was asked to translate, "The Horse", and it came out as "Het paard." Why do some animals use "De" and some use "Het"?


The article must match the grammatical gender of the noun. In Flemish like in German the three genders masculine, feminine and neuter are about equally common. In Standard Dutch, masculine and feminine have been merged into the so-called common gender, which is therefore twice as common as neuter gender.

  • het paard, de paarden - neutral gender
  • de vogel, de vogelen - common gender

This is why you should always learn the definite article along with every Dutch noun.


No option for "drinks"

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