"The knight is admiring the boys."

Translation:Azantys taobī majaqsa.

April 16, 2020

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I don't understand when to insert Azanti or Azantys and even Azantyssy or Azantyssys. Thank you


Nouns in High Valyrian take different forms based on their number and case. So the noun is modified to reflect if it is singular or plural, as well as what role it plays in the sentence (whether is is the subject of the verb or the object). For example,

  • Azantys taobī majaqsa "the knight is admiring the boys." The knight is the one who is admiring the boys.
  • Azantyssy taobī majaqis "the knights are admiring the boys." More than one knight is doing the action.
  • Taoba azanti majaqsa "the boy is admiring the knight". Here the knight is the target of the action, not the one performing it.
  • Taoba azantī majaqsa "the boy is admiring the knights". Same as above, but now the plural.

I hope this helps.

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