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kids can still see the flirting skill even after I turned it off

Hi I am a 5th-grade teacher in CT and I turned off the flirting access for my kids but for some reason, they can still see the flirting and one student actually bought the skill but I know I turned off the skill please help. Thanks! Ella

April 16, 2020




Please excuse the trolls. When you disabled mature vocabulary, did you make sure to save your changes?


Yes I did I always do and my kids just started using Duolingo yesterday and the first thing I did was turn off mature vocab do you know what to do?


Hm, I see. I just tried it for myself and the Flirting skill was removed from the Shop on an account that hadn't bought it yet, and removed from my tree but still visible in my Shop because I had already bought it.

Hoping someone with more experience will come along to help you with this.


yes i will happen because it is not turned of on there screen

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