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"During the lunch or during the breakfast?"

Translation:Tijdens het middageten of tijdens het ontbijt?

July 20, 2014



Do we absolutely have to say "tijdens" twice or can we omit the second one, like we might do in English?


Depends on what you meant to ask: Is it either or, or yes or no?


A bit confusing: It's 'het middageten' but 'de lunch'. Just sayin'. The de en het's drive me crazy.


If they're giving you trouble, try reading this explanation if you haven't already: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3732938


I guess this is just another sentence you need to learn as its own. No exact rule perhaps


Well, "het middageten" is no different from "het eten". As that's a verb used as a noun, it gets "het". But in the end, maddriving or not, you have to learn all the het-words. If you do just that, you'll be ableto tell that lunch is not a het-word, thus it must be a de-word.


Am I the only one who finds ''the'' lunch and ''the'' breakfast a bit out of place? Maybe it's just my perception of it but I'd say them both without the article


A: "So first we're going to have a group breakfast and then a group lunch. I want you to give a speech while we're eating." B: "During the breakfast or during the lunch?"

I know it's incredibly specific, but i think the app is just showing that its possible to form sentences this way if need be.


B: "During breakfast or during the lunch?"

That would work just as well. As would the other combinations, I expect.


Waarom niet 'gedurende' in plaats van 'tijdens'?


'Gedurende' is another way of saying 'tijdens', a bit more formal.

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