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Is There ANY Sentient Tech Support Here?

I've had a tech problem since the end of July, which has stopped my lessons completely. I have had an aborted discussion with tech support, but no resolution. I am having to leave, since Duolingo has "frozen."

Here's the history of communication (read from the bottom):

Still won't work. When I click on any of the dark blue "practice" icons, I get taken back to the home desktop. Missing my lessons. I DO try to start with lessons, rather than vocabulary.

On Jul 27, 2012, at 9:15 PM, feedback duolingo wrote:

Hey, it seems that you practiced all the words more than 50 times. That's why practice does not work. If you do something else first (like a lesson), practice should work again.


On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 3:12 PM, Truffaut wrote: Thank you. I'm sorely missing my lessons.

On Jul 27, 2012, at 2:45 PM, feedback duolingo wrote:

Thanks! We'll look into this.

On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 4:28 AM, Duolingo wrote:

Got: Duolingo stopped working for me, except for allowing me to translate.

If I start from the home desktop, clicking the "practice" icon brings me back to the home desktop.

If I start from the Vocabulary tab, clicking practice brings me back to the home desktop.

Writing "feedback" notes to Duolingo, but getting no response.

Anyone else having this problem? And a solution to getting Duolingo's attention?

Username: Truffaut

August 8, 2012



I'm not sure why you're only pressing the Practice button, which I believe is meant for revisions of chapters you've already completed. Have you tried clicking on an actual skill tree chapter? Looking at your tree, you should be selecting the Food chapter and finish those lessons in order to progress.


Help. I accidently changed the language to arabic and now I can get it back to english. Please help!!!!

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