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Doing both French trees, confusing Duo's XP counter

I started out with the English -> French tree and have used the German -> French tree for repetition/additional practice for a while now.

(I am German, but German -> French wasn't in Beta yet when I started learning French and now I want to finish what I've started, of course, so English -> French is still my "main tree".)

Duo seems to add my XP points for both trees to my French XP BUT yesterday I tested out of a skill in the German -> French tree, and in doing so gained 100 XP and a level.

Now when I switch back to the English -> French tree, it does not show the XP I've gained. I'm still at level 17 there, while I am at level 18 when I switch to the German -> French tree.


P.S.: I've tried logging out and signing back in, it did not help.

July 20, 2014



Hi Snoopinia,

Duolingo only has 1 French language course, though it has many French language pairs. (aka the French course paired with several other languages). So, no matter where you are learning the french course from, it will reflect in your French points. I hope that makes sense. If not, let me know and I'll try to explain it better. ^_^


It does make sense, that's what I meant when I said "Duo seems to add my XP points for both trees to my French XP". The points from both trees have, until yesterday, been added to my French XP.

But since yesterday that has changed. When I switch beween trees, in the German -> French tree view it says I'm level 18, in the English -> French tree view I'm still level 17. So they seem to have "split" somehow although the points are all supposed to go into the same course, which is "French".

I hope I explained it better this time.^^


I am likely just misreading it. I have a difficult time comprehending direction. So, i would like to ask a clarifying question. Do both courses have French as the target language?

In order to gain points for your French levels, the courses must have French as their Target language (The language you aim to learn), not the Base language (Language you are learning from and also the language in which the whole website is written in.)

If your points aren't following that rule, it is likely either a) you were just put into a test group or taken out of one b) you are experiencing a glitch c) a change has been rolled out for the whole website and I haven't caught on yet. (Forum mods find out about changes at the same pace as non-mod members.)

Also, I am not part of the tech team, I'm just a forum moderator. So, sometimes if I think I know the answer I try to help out. But if it is a legitimate technical problem, we'll need to wait for staff to fix it. It will help them a lot if whenever you post to Troubleshooting, you always include what operating system and browser you're using. (For example, I am using Windows7/firefox.) ^_^

Thank you for your patience with me. I really hope all of this can get straightened out :)


Yes, French is the target language for both.

The trees are German -> French and English -> French.

It is probably just a glitch. As you can see, Duo shows different XP now, depending on which tree I'm in at the time although French is the target language in both cases.

I'm using Windows 7/Google Chrome btw.


That answers that! So, as far as I know, the points should be corresponding equally for both of your French courses. So, we will need a staff member (blue ring around their icon) to come by and explain anything else that might be happening.

PS These screenshots are great! That is the first time I've seen the "in beta" marker. I'm glad they added that. :)


Okay, let's wait for a staff member then.^^

Thank you very much for your time! :)

And yes, that marker is quite helpful. This way, we a) don't expect the course to be perfect and b) know that we should report errors as often as possible to improve it. ^_^

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