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  5. "Nach eil Seumas cudromach?"

"Nach eil Seumas cudromach?"

Translation:Isn't James important?

April 16, 2020



When the lady speaks eil sounds like [eʝ], like the gh you hear sometimes in sa gheama. Anyone know where she is from?


I accidentally typed Hamish instead of James. Hamish is the anglicised version of Seumas (yes, I know James is, too). Perhaps you could you make both acceptable?


It is certainly true that Hamish derives from Seumas, or, to be more precise, from the lenited vocative thereof. But I don't think it is generally used by Gaels called Seumas to translate their own name, as Gaelic speakers would not think of it as being Seumas so much as being an inflected form of Seumas.

Of course it may apply the other way round. People baptised Hamish may be called, or may choose to be called, Seumas in Gaelic, as it is grammatically difficult to do otherwise.

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