"Sicuramente non sono stato un esempio di educazione."

Translation:Certainly I have not been an example of education.

May 5, 2013

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Educazione can often refer to manners. Mom might often say 'Non fare la maleducata!' = Don't be rude!


Curious, what does it mean to be "an example of education"? This isn't a phrase I've come across in English and I'm wondering if it could be better translated to clarify the meaning. Does it mean to be representative of educated people, or an example to demonstrate what educated people should be like, or maybe an example of something to be studied (i.e. mathematics is an example of education). Or does it mean something else entirely?


It is a rather contorted way of saying: "I have been rude/insensitive etc."


Bad english language


It would sound better, I think, if an adjective was used in front of 'example'. e.g. I have not been a bad/good example of education.

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