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  5. "We like seeing you."

"We like seeing you."

Translation:Wij zien je graag.

July 20, 2014



Is 'Wij houden van je zien' wrong? Is there another way of saying this with 'zien' acting as a noun, or is it completely hopeless? :)


I would like to know that too


Wrote the same too and it was not accepted... I wonder why.


Ik wil ook te dit kennen.


Perfectly normal sentence in the Netherlands, but be careful using this sentence in Belgium: iemand graag zien means verliefd zijn op iemand (being in love with someone).


Good to know!


So..."we zien je graag" (the "correct answer" presented to me) does not mean "we like to see you" so much as "we are in love with you"?


It does mean "we like to see you" in the Netherlands, while in Belgium it's "we are in love with you". If it's confusing, don't worry, I think this is not generally known in the Netherlands, so Dutch people probably mess up with this when in Belgium (Belgians tend to be better aware of NL/BE differences, so it's mostly the Dutch who mess up with these kind of things). :)


Is "Wij zien jij graag" actually wrong in a technical sense? Or is it simply something a Dutch speaker wouldn't really say (as in, it sounds clumsy or weird)?


I do have the same question


Wij zien graag je incorrect?


Can someone explain to me why "graag" is tacked onto the end? It just seems very out of order for the sentence and I can't make sense of why it goes that way.


Word for word it translates to "we see you gladly" which is not a weird word order in Dutch... However I wonder why "wij zien graag je" does not work because it does in Swedish :o


the hint for like is 'net'. Is net only used as a comparison, eg a mouse is like a rat


Yeah, why do they give "vind leuk" as a hint, when they do not accept it? Not really helpful..


why is graag at the end of the sentence?

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