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  5. "Tha mi ann an taigh-òsta."

"Tha mi ann an taigh-òsta."

Translation:I am in a hotel.

April 16, 2020



"I am in an hotel" is correct English. Many folk say "a hotel" but the 'h' in hotel is traditionally aspirated and so "I am in an hotel" is correct. Equally, many people will talk about 'a unique circumstance'. The vowel at the start of 'unique' demands a consonant at the end of the indefinite article; therefore it should be 'an unique circumstance'.


It tells you to write it in gealic and when i do it comes up telling me ive typed in english .


Maybe it is me but this one was spoken at far too fast a rate and I would never have worked out it was "taigh-osta". What would really have helped was a button that offered the option to hear this again after being told I had got it wrong

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