tapadh leibh!

tha mi cho sona ri luch ann an lofa ach tha mi bronach cuideachd! I dont want the Scottish Gaelic course to finish! It´s fabulous, I am loving every moment and so motivated to continue....what great work and such a pleasant way to spend some time every day during what is now week 4 of quarantine in Spain. Michelle

April 16, 2020


Madainn mhath, Michelle! Mòran taing, tha mi uabhasach toilichte. So delighted to hear you are enjoying the course. We are working away at new content so there will be more coming at some point. Take care.

is math sin!! just made my day -----

New to this and really enjoyed it so far. My wife, Ros, is learning French with Duolingo and she has a different style of course in which she has to speak phrases and her efforts accepted or not. When do I get to speak to Duolingo in my Gaelic course? I do speak of course but I was expecting, given the technology, to have to speak and to have my efforts assessed in some way. Thanks for the fun so far! Slàinte mhath Steve

From what I understand, that feature requires an incredible investment of resources, and is only available for a few of Duolingo's most popular languages. Fundamentally it depends on somebody having computer speech recognition completed for the relevant language, and I'm not sure whether that's been done anywhere for Gaelic yet. It was news four years ago when somebody got speech synthesis of Irish going..

Thank you for the explanation. You’d think Duolingo would set out their stall better so we’d know what to expect. Disappointing but I’m about 1/3 through (I think) now so I’ll carry on enjoying myself!

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