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Does Dutch not have Immersion (yet)?

Dutch doesn't have an Immersion button, and when I type in /translations to the duolingo.com, it goes nowhere. Do languages not get Immersion until they are considered 'stable'? Or is it just since it just came out there...that explanation doesn't make sense finished, so, yeah....

Sorry if this has already been asked.

July 20, 2014



Not for Dutch -> English. The button appears but you cannot upload anything.


For the reverse course, immersion is available though. But all I've seen is English articles to translate into Dutch on there. Hopefully in time there will be one for Dutch articles to be translated into English as that's what I've been doing in my spare time privately on Word and as that's what I've started to get used to.

Perhaps there isn't one yet as they haven't found any Dutch articles needing translation that are copyleft. :)


The articles are user-uploaded, and there are thousands on the Dutch (NL) Wikipedia, so that isn't the issue. It's probably background coding. :)


That's true. Also Duobot uploads them too right?

I'm guessing it's not an issue to do with which dictionary to use either for immersion like they had with the Eng for Dutch speakers immersion. I gather they'll use the same dictionary for it.

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