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  5. "Tha Eubha gu dòigheil."

"Tha Eubha gu dòigheil."

Translation:Eva is really well.

April 16, 2020



'Gu dòigheil' has always been 'fine', 'in his/her usual' to me for decades as a Gaelic speaker so I definitely think it should be accepted as an optional translation.


Since when did gu dòigheil mean 'really well'. I have never heard that and nor have the dictionaries I have looked in. AFB has

1 fully satisfied 2 all right 3 right, correctly

Dwelly does not have it but for dòigheil he gives

1 Systematic. 2 Well-arranged well-appointed. 3 Good-tempered. 4 Convenient. 5 Hopeful, confident. 6†† Accommodating. 7* Decent. 8(DC) Suitable — Uist. 9(DC) Tradesmanlike — Uist. 10 In good trim or condition. 11 Well off, in good circumstances

None of these has the sense of 'really well'. I was taught it meant fine, although it was not used in the dialect I learnt.

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