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  5. "Seall, dà phiuthar."

"Seall, phiuthar."

Translation:Look, two sisters.

April 16, 2020



I thought the plural of "piuthar" was "peathraichean"?


That's correct.. however:

Dà (two) causes lenition and is singular

Gaelic used to maintain quite a distinct 'dual' form when referring to two things only. This has broken down in many ways, but it is still important to know that two things in Gaelic are not regarded as plural. Dà (two), like aon (one), causes lenition on the noun that follows:

dà + bàta = dà bhàta (two boats)

dà + piseag = dà phiseag (two kittens)

Trì is the magic number

Plurals begin with the number three in Gaelic:

trì = 3 | ceithir = 4 | còig = 5

trì bàtaichean - three boats

ceithir bàtaichean - four boats

còig piseagan - five kittens



Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! I was wondering about that


Yessssss, thank you! This makes my brain hurt, but a little less now.

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