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If a new student enrolls in a class after I have assigned lessons, is he able to view them?

I am still having issues with my students not being able to view the assignments that I posted. I had only a few students on my roster when I posted the assignments. Now, more students have enrolled in the class and they can't view the five lessons I posted. One student sent me a message as to what she did to enroll. Please read.

"(On Chromebook): I clicked on my icon in the top right corner, went to settings, and put my school email in the email spot, checked for the verification email, and then after I did that, I got an email that told me about the assignments, and it gave me a link to all 5.

If joining the classroom is the issue, I personally scrolled down to the bottom of the duolingo page, and clicked on the SCHOOLS tab, clicked student, and then I copy and pasted the class code on the next page. It personally took a little while for the box for the code to show up, so don't be alarmed if it doesn't show up right away."

Any suggestions for my students?

April 17, 2020



Hi Elaine,

If a student joins your classroom after you made an assignment, you will need to manually assign it to them for them to see it.

Go to your 'Assignments' tab and click on the assignment you want to include them in. You will see a list of your students and their statuses. For students that joined later, you will see the option 'Assign now':

In addition to that, if multiple students joined after you made the assignment, you will see a banner at the top that allows you to assign it to all of them in one click:

Duolingo for Schools has been experiencing some delays lately, probably as a result of increased traffic. This means assignments may take some time to show up.


Atervanda, I love how you are putting pictures in to illustrate directions. I know it takes more time, but I am certain that people are really appreciating it during these crazy times.

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