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"Merci pour ce petit souvenir, il est très joli."

Translation:Thank you for this little souvenir; it's very pretty.

April 17, 2020



Would most people use "il est" here rather than "c'est"?


In this sentence, "il" is the personal pronoun that replaces "souvenir".

Only when a situation, action or verb is referred to do you use "c'est", like:

  • Merci de me donner ce petit souvenir, c'est très gentil à vous: "c'" replaces "me donner (ce petit souvenir)".

To better see the difference, use the plural of "this little souvenir":

  • Thank you for these little souvenirs; they are very pretty = Merci pour ces petits souvenirs, ils sont très jolis.


I had been wondering about this for a while! I have given you a lingot. Thank you.

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