"You all want to paint pictures in the villa."

Translation:In villa picturas pingere vultis.

April 17, 2020

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"Vos in villa picturas pingere vultis.", "Vos picturas in villa pingere vultis." both wrong. How come?


Word order suddenly reared its ugly head?


In villa has to stay together, but other than that, just report. They can add in missing world orders.


I just added a vos in the start and i was marked wrong?


I cannot understand why because I put vos in the beginning it was wrong.


I left out "in" and just put Villa. I thought it would be the same as "domi" I understood that with the ablative case you sometimes don't need to add the preposition. I am still unsure of when you have to put in the preposition and when you don't. I understand with cities you leave the prepostion out but with countries and states you do. However with in villa and domi I'm not sure!


Domi is in locative like singular cities as an relict from older latin and thus special. There are use cases, where the ablative does not need a preposition, but for stating a location the in is necessary. So it's Romae and domi, but in villa or in foro.

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