Translation:A woman eats the apple.

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een= 'a' in English. right??

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"Hij drinkt" translates to "He drinks", then what would be the ending in dutch for the verb "eet" when used for a third person singular, which in this example is "een vrouw". Isnt there any table rule for verb endings for singular/plural based on gender?

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The infinitive form of this verb is "eten". To make the third person singular in Dutch you drop the ending -en and add a -t. That is what happens with "drinken": -en +t = drinkt. The problem with "eten" is that eten: -en + t = *ett. But according to Dutch spelling, you won't repeat the "t" in the end, so "et". But since it is a long sound finishing with a consonant, you have to double the "e", hence "eet". Here is the thread about the present tense in Dutch: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3762671 and the one about spelling: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3733043

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Thanks Carolind!

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I had a brainfart from that. Thank you for the explanation.

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Fallé al responder puse Eat en vez de Eats. Es lo que pasa por aprender Neerlandés en Ingles. O saves muy bien uno de los 2 idiomas o te arriesgas a fallar en cosas tan tontas como esa.

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Ja. 'An' appel

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