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  5. "Ik drink de melk."

"Ik drink de melk."

Translation:I drink the milk.

July 20, 2014



Normally in English, we would not say "I drink "the" milk". What is the rule for using articles in Dutch? Can anyone explain?

[deactivated user]

    You add the definite article if your talking about some specific milk. If you leave the definite article you are talking about milk in general:

    • Ik drink de melk (die in dit glas zit) - I drink the milk that's in this glass
    • Ik drink melk - I drink (some) milk


    I think that's obvious and identical to English. The more interesting question to me is whether "Ik drink (de) melk" refers to RIGHT NOW - which in English would be "I am drinking (the) milk - or refers to a general fact/habit, like English I drink milk (all the time/ at lunch).


    I think that it can be both. There is no difference between present simple and progressive in Dutch. So it can mean both 'I am drinking the milk (that is in my fridge, to make it specific) right now' and 'I usually drink the milk (that is in my fridge).


    Can someone confirm this?


    I would say "I drink "the" milk" when referring to the glass of milk in front of me.


    In why context? Sure it would be "I am going to drink the milk"


    since dutch is highly based off German and German includes the articles, Dutch has "the" in"I drink the milk." I hope this helps. :)


    i have a question regarding "het" and "de", both mean "the" in english, when to use "het" and when to use "de" then?


    Het and de refer to the gender of the nouns, which are non-existent in English. Basically Het is the neutral singular term, and De is both feminine, masculine and all the plural terms. The use of Het depends on certain words, which can sometimes be "neutral-gendered"


    Whats the difference between "drink" and "drinkt"?


    Ik drink - I drink Jij drinkt - You drink Hij drinkt - He drinks Zij drinkt - she drinks Wij drinken - we drink Jullie drinken - you drink (plural) Hij drinken - they drink

    It's important to say hij drinkt if your talking about 'Him' and Jij drinken if talking about 'they'


    "Zij drinken" is for they, not "Jij". "Je" and "Jij" are only for singular you.


    It sounds so much like English! Ik-I Drink-drink de-the melk-milk


    So close that I accidentally read the Dutch sentence as English, lol


    shouldn't drink be drank


    No, that is a different tense in English.


    milk is neutral noun so why dont use het?


    It's not neuter, but common gender.

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