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What do I do when I feel burnt out of learning a language?

A couple days ago I began learning french. And I worked so hard the first two days but recently I've just been feeling burnt out and have no motivation to learn the language and I've been slacking so much. I honestly don't know if I should just quit. Thanks for reading.

April 17, 2020



Do not take a skill to level 5 in one hit. This is what is recommended https://blog.duolingo.com/whats-the-best-way-to-learn-with-duolingo/

Take mini-breaks every 10-15 minutes. Take a full (at least 30 minute) break every 90 minutes or so.

Read tips and sentence discussions. Take notes. If you are doing more than (say) 90 minutes, consider adding a different method - Memrise, Pimsleur, watching films etc.


Pace yourself. Learning a language is only something that will happen over a great length of time with regular practice. You won't be inspired every day and that is okay, you are allowed a break every now and again.


Burn out is a sign you are working too hard. Slow down.

Learning a language is a marathon, not a sprint. Set a reasonable daily goal, and stick with it. Change that goal in a week if it proves to be too hard (or too easy.) Change the goal every week if you need to, until you find a comfortable pace.

The important thing is not how hard you work in a day, but that you learn a little more, on a regular basis, for a long time.


While low on motivation you can do just a little bit everyday. Enough to keep your streak. You will find your motivation will come back after a while and you can get stuck back in.

I have just cleared over 400 days and in that time my motivation dropped off a couple of times. So in that period I adjusted my work load and stuck with it. These days I don't worry weather motivation is there or not, I just do whatever I feel like and don't really give it a second thought. The only rule I follow is to do at least a little bit every day.

So don't quit. As a reward for your work you should plan a holiday to Paris or something similarly related to having a good level of French.


It makes sense to relax if you are feeling burnt out. I do not feel that you are slacking too much at all. Feeling burnt out is a result of working too hard and not having enough fun.

It is not that easy to learn how another language works; you need to see more of it and hear more of it, and you don't have to practice it only here on Duolingo.

Sometimes it is helpful to do a lot of practice at the start of learning a new language, but other times, it can get boring to repeat the lessons too often, right after each other.

And the lessons at the start of the course are the easiest ones, that have the least questions, so you might like to save some of those lessons for later, for fun and to see if you really remember them after a day or so or more of not seeing the same questions in a row.

You might like to try the French stories here on Duolingo, if you haven't seen them already, on the Stories Tab.


I get discouraged, too. Don't worry. My advice is to think about the rewards of learning French. Think about how nice it will be once you finally learn French. You can go to France, and speak to people and not be some tourist who has no idea what they're doing. It is so great to learn a beautiful language like that. Learn French, and rock it!

Also, if French really isn't for you, maybe try learning another language. It's okay if a language just isn't right for you. Try doing some other one. Like spanish, chinese, russian, japanese, portuguese, polish, or dutch. The options are literally limitless.


XBlue, You are not alone. It helps if one remembers, "If it was good enough to start, it is good enough to finish."

One day in the not too distant future, you will look back on today and know what a compelling role this discussion played in your continued awesome development. Bonne travaille, mon ami !


Don't tire yourself too much , like don't study for hours without any breaks . Try to dedicate minutes or a few hours every day.

Listen to French songs and learn about French culture.


Learning a language happens in a same fashion as eating an elephant - in small pieces. Languages can also cause an ache in stomach.


Same with me. I get the same problem. I have been trying different languages because I got so bored with french


Duolingo doesn't like one to rest which I think is wrong. Just take the rest you need ❤❤❤❤ the league tables. A rested language learner is one who will learn.


Relax sleep be yourself ❤❤❤❤ duolingo for a while till ready to come back. Algos are slavedrivers who read us inaccurately and harmful to our interestss.

[deactivated user]

    Sometimes when people try to do too much at once, they feel burned out. Set a time to study and do a little each day. Don't try to do more than an hour a day or you'll take the fun out of it. Think of the story of the rabbit and the hair. Slow and steady wins the race.

    Try some variety. Do you like computers?

    For many topics there is also Modern States & for languages.


    I'd say keep at it, however do have rest days


    I do understand, encountered the same feeling a few months ago. Keep going!

    A lingot for you :)

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