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  5. "Het schaap eet iets."

"Het schaap eet iets."

Translation:The sheep eats something.

July 20, 2014



I wrote "The sheep eats anything". On the definitions of 'iets' there was 'anything' and it would make sense in English so this should be accepted in the context of exaggerating what the sheep is eating.


'Iets' can mean 'anything', but not in this context. It means 'something' here.

'Het schaap eet iets' implies the sheep is eating something. We don't know what that something is, but he's eating it.
'The sheep eats anything' would be 'Het schaap eet alles' and implies that it doesn't matter what you feed the sheep, he'll eat it.

An example of 'iets' used as 'anything' for the people who are interested:
'Did you have anything in mind?' - 'Had u iets in gedachten?'


If "het schaap eet alles" means the "sheep eats anything", could it also mean "the sheep eats everything"? If it's true how do you differentiate between the two?


I liked that the pop up explained that the hint didn't apply in this context. That is quite helpful.


Why it cannot be translated into:

The sheep eats everything


Why can't one say the sheep is eating.... Up to now 'eats' and 'is eating' have been interchangeable.

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