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  5. "Ik eet varkensvlees."

"Ik eet varkensvlees."

Translation:I am eating pork.

July 20, 2014



I don't want to brag or anything, but I worked this out without hovering over for the translation.

We've already learned that 'vlees' is meat, and 'rundvlees' is beef (and 'vis' = fish & 'kip' = chicken, so it can't be them)

I was trying to think what 'varken' could be, but then (and this is a bit of a leap) I remembered that 'aardvark' means 'earth pig' in Afrikaans (which is very closely related to Dutch), so 'vark' must be pig. So 'varkensvlees' is 'pig meat'

Not showing off, just very pleased with myself.


Good thinking and nice that you figured it out yourself. Keep on going :)


Aardvark! Aardbei! Amazing! I missed that.


I had the same reaction when I saw "varkensvlees" after having learned "aardbei"... I thought: "Aardvark"! :) http://youtu.be/N1cOYaT1DWM


So why not kipvlees and visvlees?


For the same reason we call it "chicken" and "fish" in English. It's just how the language evolved. It might have something to do with the fact that only mammals were considered meat waaaaay back in the day. Even today, some do not consider fish to be meat.


In Jewish kosher laws, fish is allowed to be eaten with dairy products, unlike cows. However recently poultry were added to the "ban list" to be eaten with dairy.


Just noticed that "varken" is cognate to "pork".



So "varkens" means "pigs" in Dutch? For me it sounds more like the German "Ferkel" which is rather a "piglet" ;D


vark sounds like ferk, -el is a diminutive

[deactivated user]

    Varkensvlees is now a favorite word. It's so fun to say!


    Why didn't it accept "I eat pig flesh"?


    Pork is not called "pig flesh" in English. In fact, doing so gives me a nauseating feeling despite the fact that I love pork.


    I use this as a memory aid: I relate "vlees" to flesh, so when anything says "-vlees" I just know they are talking about a kinf of flesh aka meat.


    Can some one explain me eat, ate, eating in dutch?


    Ik eet = I eat or I am eating (context)

    Ik at = I ate

    Ik heb gegeten = I have eaten

    Ik ben aan het eten = I am currently eating

    Hij liep etend. = He walked whilst eating.


    I tried looking this one up, but I couldn't find it. What's the definite article for varkensvlees? Help alsjeblieft.



    All words with '-vlees' at the end are 'het'. So same goes for 'rundvlees', 'tandvlees', 'halalvlees' etc etc.


    Why didn't it accept 'I eat pork'?

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