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"Tha a h-uile duine ag iarraidh guga."

Translation:Everyone is wanting salted gannet.

April 17, 2020



What IS Duolingo's obsession with salted blooming gannet?!!!


Totally agree. You mean bloody.... There is a wonderful novel by Peter May (The Black House) where he is describing the guga hunt in all its gory details. This must have been sustainable food and a treat in times way back when people had little resources. But eating it today is s.th. like enjoying bull races in Pamplona. Nope.


Cha bu toil leam guga.


Luckily not, or it would be (even more) endangered... do understand that the Ness guga are considered sustainable though!


Confused. In a previous lesson, "everyone wants" was accepted, but this one requires "everyone is wanting". The only thing that changed was what they wanted

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