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"Paul va visiter un état du sud-est des États-Unis."

Translation:Paul is going to visit a southeastern state of the United States.

April 17, 2020



I wrote "in the United States" which sounds more natural to me, but it was unaccepted.


I'm a bit confused about when 'état' needs a capital letter and when it doesn't.


when it is describing a part of a country, it has a small letter. when it describes part of the name of a country it needs a capital letter


My understanding is that the first letter of 'état' is capitalized when the noun refers to a political entity, such as an American state, and is not capitalized when it refers to a condition, such as 'the state of my kitchen'. If my understanding is correct, then Duo's answer - with no such capitalization - is incorrect.


I wrote "Paul's going to visit a southeastern state of the United States" and it counted me wrong, I guess because I put "Paul's going to" instead of "Paul is going to". Ugh!


Duo's algorithms have difficulty distinguishing a possessive apostrophe from a contraction when a noun is involved (rather than the usual pronoun, where the difficulty does not arise). It's best to avoid using contractions with nouns.

I'm a bit surprised that it screws up on a Proper Noun like a name, though.


Why are some of the speaking exercises accepted before you finish the sentence? Therefore of little value IMO.

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