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  5. "The animal drinks."

"The animal drinks."

Translation:Het dier drinkt.

July 20, 2014



I know it said at the beginning of the course that the articles are confusing in Dutch, but I followed the advice of nouns ending in -er being 'De' and it's still wrong.

I'm loving this course so far, but would it really be so difficult to have the article taught with the word? (like in the German course, where it's also not so obvious which article goes where)


I agree. The article should be taught with the noun so we have a better chance at memorising them.


I agree. It's so frustrating. It's like reading a book, and realising half-way through that you've been pronouncing one of the main characters' name wrong in your head, and then trying to switch. I have "de dier" in my head now, and I'm having trouble un-learning it.


It doesn't really end on -er as 'ie' is one sound. Nouns that end on -er (werker, schoonmaker, bouvakker) are almost always professions.


Oh, I see. Thanks.

I still don't understand why the articles aren't given alongside the vocab, though.


I know it's frustrating just remember plural is always de i know singular is hard but nobody will kil you if you make a mistake in your article believe me


Me too, it is very enervating, not beeing able to learn the article alongside the vocabulary.

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