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"I really like Highland dancing."

Translation:Is toil leam dannsa Gàidhealach gu mòr.

April 17, 2020



why is "is fìor thoil leam dannsa Gàidhealach" wrong?


Might be just an oversight from the contributors – they couldn’t have come up with all possible translations in all the exercises, that’d be an impossible task. ;-)

Also, I’m not sure how common such an expression would be – perhaps is toil leam X gu mòr would just be more natural and common, but then in Colin B.D. Mark’s dictionary I see this example: b’ fhìor thoigh leam tuilleadh dhiubh seo fhaicinn I would really like to see more of these, so I don’t see a reason why is fìor thoil leam… would be unacceptable.


When you hover over the phrase "is fior thoil leam" is shown so it's odd that it's marked as wrong.


This got me, too.


I thought "Is toil team dans Gàidhealach gu mór" would be "I like highland dancing a lot" not "I really like highland dancing."

There are a lot of translations that are very strict, but this feels like one where the course creators are either changing that or were just wrong here.


The hints offer 'gu math' as an alternative to gu mor' but when I used it, it was marked wrong. An oversight, or am I missing a subtle difference ?


Why isn't gu math acceptable? In my notes from earlier lessons, gu math can mean really, quite, and fairly.

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