"Droch shìde"

Translation:Bad weather

April 17, 2020



I had noted 'coltach' as weather from a previous module. Was this a mistake on my part or are there a number of options ?


coltach most certainly doesn not mean weather; it’s an adjective meaning similar, (a)like, especially with the preposition ri, eg. coltach ris an fhear sin similar to that man, like that man

The words for weather in Gaelic are sìde and aimsir (this one also means time), both feminine nouns.

You might have seen it in a sentence like cò ris a tha an t-sìde coltach? what is the weather like?, more lit: what to is it that the weather is similar?

You could have seen coltach in one of those exercises:


Thanks Silmeth - I'm not a natural scholar and must have mistaken the word order


I've often thought that perhaps the Scots word 'dreich', for bad weather, comes from 'droch shìde'.

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