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Italian language

Have you guys any, even far, plan about italian language?

August 8, 2012



I may be in the minority but I'd prefer to see resources used to improve the quality of the existing system and language instruction rather than diverted towards the addition of new languages. And when new language instruction is added I would prefer to see the learning of English for French and German speakers implemented first. They already have English for Spanish speakers so this should not be so hard to implement. (I'm a native English speaker so I'm not saying this out of self-interest.)


It should be done in a few months. We're starting to work on it.


I'd guess 2014. Based on the road map the CEO of Duolingo laid out on his AMA at Reddit .


@rocko2012: Thanks. Do you have a link to that document? @OskaLingo: I totally agree with you. @Luis: Thanks a lot for the information and all of your hard work! Duolinguo is improving day by day and I really like your approach.


@rocko: thanks!


another request for Italiano...

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