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"Chan eil e uabhasach, tha ise uabhasach!"

Translation:He is not terrible, she is terrible!

April 17, 2020



season 2 of ATLA in a nutshell


what is the difference between uabhasach and uabhannach?


None that I can see from the dictionary. From my own experience, I have heard the first hundreds of times, especially as the intensifier

Tha mi uabhasach sean 'I am terribly old'

but I have never heard the second. So unless someone else comes on here saying it is common where they come from I would avoid it if you want to be understood.


LOL, what fun to learn how to get into arguments in Scottish Gaelic!


why is it ise, masc? and not isi, fem??


The last vowel is nothing to do with the gender. It is the first vowel that indicates gender:

  • Feminine: i(se)
  • Masculine: e(san)
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