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"A bheil i ag obair ann am margadh?"

Translation:Is she working in a market?

April 17, 2020



Why a market? Why not the market


I think that would be 'anns am margaidh' instead of 'ann am margaidh'.


anns a’ mhargadh (the definite article in dative causes lenition), but yes, it would have to be anns + the article to mean in the….

ann an and ann am (before b, p, m, f) just means in. It is doubled in as originally in was just an or am, but at some point apparently that started becoming confusing and people started to double it. Instead of am margadh (either the market or in a market) people started saying ann am margadh (unambiguously there, in a market).

See more in the ann an article on Akerbeltz wiki.


Why not 'at' a market?


I heard wrong, thought she was working in America!

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