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  5. "Hello and goodbye"

"Hello and goodbye"

Translation:Hallo en doei

July 20, 2014



Why would we use "doei" instead of "dag" here? Thanks!


Doei, is more informal, it is used among friends, family, internetchats, it is used in The Netherlands, I am from Belgium and we never use it, maybe in a chat, instead we use salut in the same way. Dag can be used on a informal way,when you leave the store.


I'm from belgium to but we never use doei but this is an netherlandsish lesson not belgian


What's the difference between doei and tot ziens? Is one more formal than the other?

[deactivated user]

    'Tot ziens' is a neutral way of saying bye, equivalent to 'goodbye' and 'au revoir'. 'Doei' is far more informal, you should only use it in situations where you may use 'jij'.


    Ok, thank you! :)


    Jij is informal as well? I thought it is onlly Je stressed form.


    Jij is informal, otherwise you would use "U".


    So, goodbye : see ya :: tot ziens : doei?


    Avoid using 'doei' in Belgium: you will be looked at as coming from Mars (and I don't like the word at all) or will be considered being impolite using it when speaking to a stranger.


    I wrote "Dag en dag"--it was accepted, though I'm wondering if it's the best translation.


    no, it's better to use dag once and than either doei (informal) to say bye, or you could say 'hallo en dag' or 'hallo en tot ziens'. But in essentials yours is correct, though people from both The Netherlands and Belgium are going to look weird when you say dag en dag.


    I wrote the same just for fun. I think it is a weird choise tonuse dag two times.


    So, "doei" and "dag" have the same meaning?


    No, only as farewell. doei is very informal and you cannot say it to everyone. doei cannot be said as a greeting; dag can be used as greeting. Avoid doei and say "dag" or * tot ziens*.


    dag can be used as greeting and as farewell (but not in one sentence)


    Uugh I still dont get the difference between tot zeins, doei and dag... And which situations they are used. I was always taught dag

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