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  5. "Indicai molte strade."

"Indicai molte strade."

Translation:I indicated many streets.

July 20, 2014



It sounds so odd in english...


Indicare is sometimes translated as show, sometimes as indicate. This has cost me many hearts!


I play it safe; I always use indicate.


It really is awkward as a literal translation. You reach a point where you just have to think like an Italian and forget about the literal meaning. Unfortunately, Duo never forgets.


Does an italian forget about literal meaning?


We ALL do in our respective native languages. We forget how NON literal our usage of our own languages are until we get stuck trying to say something that doesn't translate so easily.


I am equally respectful to the Italian language, but I am upset by having seen so many sentences in DL with no or bizarre meaning and hiding themselves behind the banner of more context should be found somewhere else.


How much I agree with you! Especially when the sentences in DL-speak make no sense in English, or are totally wrong.


Spot on! I pointed out many streets...


I wrote "I pointed out many streets" and was marked CORRECT.
This is a better translation than the one they give, in my humble opinion.


Yes, yours is most natural in English. When we think "point out," that should point us to "indicare."


I always fail on the sentences with "indicare". I always find it translated as "to point to", and i always write "to point at". But shouldnt this also accepted??


"He asked me which streets have pot holes. I indicated [on the map] many streets." Yeah, it's a stretch, but possible.


Your streets have such big pot-holes that they are marked on maps? Gee!


Even on Google maps.


Yes! "I showed them many ways." should be accepted. There are many other cases where "strada" is translated "way". One example: Sono nella mia strada. = I am on my way. (for some reason I think this Italian expression is really cute)


I like it, too. But I would have intially translated it as "I am in my street" (where mom said to not play). Google translate (I know; fraught with errors) says this is "They are in my way."
I guess it could be either??

"Sono sulla mia strada." can also be "I am on my way." , per Reverso.

Native Italian speakers?? Any difference in usage??


Well, I'm pretty sure this is one of the more pointless things to learn.


È meglio indicare una strada alla volta.

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