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Error in Tips and Notes for the "Emergency" skill unit

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I'm not sure where I can report an error in a Tips and Notes document, so hopefully a mod will see it here,

In "Emergency", one of the example sentences is "Je suis furieux parce qu'on a cassé ma voiture" but the translation is "I'm furious because my car was stolen". Either the French sentence is incorrect or the English translation is wrong, because they don't match!

Thanks for all your hard work, mods

April 17, 2020


[deactivated user]

    This is the only place you can report the issue - because there is no "report" button for the TIPS, as you say.

    Setting your expectations, there may be a long wait for a fix as it has been reported before in this forum (which the contributors are supposed to check, but they are overloaded I think) and not yet corrected.


    It needs to be reported to staff as a bug, because contributors to the French course can't correct the Tips, which were written by contractors. Reporting it on the forums will accomplish nothing.


    [deactivated user]

      Thankyou! I hadn't seen that one!

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      Thanks, I'll do that.

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