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Any book/website recommendations?

Are there any good french books/websites that have stories :) I want to improve my french for my upcoming exams... duolingo does have stories but I want to explore more content... thanks!

April 18, 2020


[deactivated user]

    hey! I learn french too! here's my recommendation: L'etranger i can't type the accents because my computer won't let me.


    There have been plenty of discussions about this. Do a forum search (not POPULAR but NEW) for 01LearnFrench01 A-Z and you'll find several good discussion, such as Children's book awards in French, especially 01LearnFrench01's suggestions.

    As moogy said, knowing your level would help. What do you read fairly easily? For instance, in the A-Z site referred to above at which letter rating do you read comfortably? Or between these, BookBox or these texts, Maupassant (with audio), which is no too hard? Or is this « Sans famille » (audio with a link to the text) comfortable reading for you?


    i didn't know maupassant's stuff was free online, thank you.

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    You have not mentioned which level your French is at.This would be useful as it would allow people to recommend more accurately. However try the french content on Quizlet.com


    and Easy French on Youtube


    or Super Easy French if you're a beginner


    Good luck


    Ahhh thanks so far I have 84 crowns for french and I'll try using quizlet when I can


    If you're in the USA or Canada (your bio doesn't say), then French in Action is very good. It's old, but good.


    Not a specific book/website but I recommend rereading childhood book series you enjoyed as a kid. For example I'm trying to reread Goosebumps books in French

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