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"This horse is very beautiful."

Translation:Ce cheval est très beau.

April 18, 2020



What confuses me is when to use 'ce', 'cet' and 'ces'. Can someone help?


It's easier than it looks:

  • masculine word starting with a consonant sound: ce chien
  • masculine word starting with a vowel sound: cet hotel, cet enfant
  • feminine word: cette pomme, cette orange
  • plural words: ces chiens, ces hotels, ces enfants, ces pommes, ces oranges.


Merci beaucoup. Your explanation is very clear and easy to understand. Thanks again


Why can't I say bel instead if beau


"Bel" is used before a masculine noun starting with a vowel sound: un bel homme, un bel arbre, un bel engin.

In all other cases, "beau" is the masculine form of the adjective.

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